Introducing AIML 2.0

And the world's first AIML 2.0 based system for building and deploying chatbots. Loaded with new features, tags, and tools.

Explore the Playground Platform

Learn to use AIML 2.0 on the Playground:
a free, integrated development environment for building chatbots.

Deploy via the Pandorabots API

Easily add Artificial Intelligence
and Natural Language Processing to applications.

Build a Chatbot

For advertising, customer service, virtual personal assistance, education, entertainment, internet-connected devices, home automation, and more.

Need a custom virtual agent for your business or application?

Harness the world's leading platform for building and deploying chatbots. We deliver turnkey solutions for any vertical market.

toolbox Custom

Customize the AI for any project or vertical market.

compose Content

Use the same content libraries as Loebner award-winning bots.

lightbulb Learning

Program bots to remember relevant user details and evolve.

globe Community

Join 225K+ developers on the largest bot platform in the world.

mic Voice Interactive

Allow users to converse, in natural language, with machines.

chat Multilingual

Write a bot in any language that can process multilingual inputs.

computer Deployable

Deploy a bot in any applicaiton using the Pandorabots API.

creditcard Free

Do all of the above... for free.
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Create your own Siri

CallMom, named after the most frequently encountered mobile voice command, is a vehicle application that allows Pandorabots users to deploy their own custom bot as a virtual personal assistant for mobile.

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